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The nasal silicone extrusion s problem

04 October 2019 | By Dr. Hope

The nasal silicone extrusion s problem

This is a common problem can be found and mostly scarred many patients. The position that the extrusion likely to occur are the nose tip s area and inside the nasal cavity. The extrusion at the nose tip s area can be obviously noticed and may show the warning sign before, such as thinning or red swollen nose tip which make patients timely meet doctor before the extrusion occurs. But on the other side, the extrusion of the silicone inside the nasal cavity can rarely noticed and cause the silicone s extrusion occurs for a long time before, which results in difficulty for the reparing and cause the following complications.



The causes of nasal silicone extrusion problem are 

1. The selection of improper silicone shape such as too long, too peaked, too thick etc.

2. The disturbance on the implanted silicone by touching, moving, swaying, rubbing.

3. The inflammation and infection cause the skin thinning and follow by the extrusion.

4. The using of L shape silicone

5. The improper positioning of silicone which cause the pressure on the tissue in the unwanted area.

when the silicone extrusion occurs, there will be the contact channel between the outside environments and the nose s tissues inside and increase the opportunity of the infections.

The problem solving method is by removing the extruded silicone and wait for the wound to be healed then repeat the rhinoplasty processes. if there is the hollow mark after removing the silicone, the using of the autologous tissues is required, for example dermal graft from coccyx area, temporal to repair the affected area for the easier repairing in the next operation. The correction rhinoplasty after the healed wound should be made by fascia graft using the patient owns tissues to get the desired height of the nose tip without using the implant. This reparing methods needs to be done by using the open rhinoplasty technique.

In the case that the silicone is still not extruded but notice the skin thinning on nasal tip, this can be fixed by romoving the implanted silicone and resurgery in the same method as mentioned above.

The nasal silicone extrusion s problem can be avoided by consider undergo rhinoplasty with the experienced plastic surgeon, who can discreetly decide on appropriate method and regards on safety. Operated in the hygiene hospitals or clinics. these will help you reduce the nasal silicone extrusion s problem and also have the beautiful nose as you like.


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